Marijo Puleo – Coach and Energy Practitioner

Mindful Living Spiritual Awakening

Mindful Living Spiritual Awakening Podcast


Designed to help people interested in learn mindfulness and meditation, but also experiencing aspects of spiritual awakening.


Practical Benefits for You

  • Design your own mindfulness/meditation practice
  • Explore and enhance your intuitive talents
  • Learn helpful life skills
  • Develop a broader understanding of the evolutionary changes which may be driving your spiritual awakening experiences.
  • I also include some of the “life skills” that I teach clients, which helps them not only reduce stress but also deepen their relationships with others.


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Comments From Listeners

“Incredibly practical take on highly esoteric ideas – When I found this podcast, I binge-listened through all of them. Each one is packed with great information and thought-provoking ideas. Puelo’s delivers in a tone of down-to-earth practicality with a twist of humor (such as the one titled ‘Is there research to support this stuff or is it a funky bag of woo?’). I’m hooked.”

– iTunes comment from Planet Lizagna

“Dear MJ: I just finished listening to your podcast and I think it is amazing!!!! Really!!! I loved everything about it and I am already waiting to devour the next one!!

I love the content and also the intimate way in which you talk and give info… It is Like having a conversation with YOU 100%. 

I feel I will learn a lot from it. I will definitely share it with my friends and clients…. And it is also a great way of having you close to me.

Thanks for making your wisdom, your beauty and your big heart available to all of us! Big hug and congrats my dear friend!”

– Valeria

“Thank you Marijo. I loved the part when you spoke about picking up other people’s emotions and energy when being in their presence. I notice this ALOT when eating food cooked by other people. I can tell how they were feeling while making the food, can always tell when it’s made with love or if the person was angry when making it. This has been very apparent when I’ve gone out to restaurants to eat….Always bless your food before eating, and when cooking for others, be mindful of your thoughts. xoxox”

– Melissa

I total agree with the Coloring books being a powerful part of a Meditative Practice !!! It is a wonderful activity that I support and also offer at the Center!!! I’ve seen such significant shifts in energy, as well as such freedom and happiness! As you said : extraordinary!”

– Maura

“I listened to every one of your podcasts today. LOVE them! Most first podcasts are obvious learning experiences–but you sounded like a pro right out of the gate.

It’s apparent that you’re fully engaged on all 4D when you’re doing these. I won’t even try to detail everything I like about them because I would like to keep this under 100 pages.

You pack in SO much information with such high-level ideas–but it doesn’t feel packed or like you’re standing on your intellectual or spiritual tip-toes to reach those realms. It feels flowing and effortless. I’m sure a LOT of work goes into making that happen. You are such a joy.”

– Liz

“After a work life of making multi-tasking an art form, I looked for something to help me find some peace and harmony. These pod casts are wonderful! Simple, yet very informative, using language I understand. Gave me the feeling that ‘the best is yet to be’.

– iTunes comment from 101525

“This is a very informative and relaxing podcast. If you are interested in becoming more introspective and gain some perspective this is a wonderful start. The information given is very helpful while giving you the tools to begin understanding your own self.”

– iTunes comment Hypnodietguru

“After working as a CXO for many years I was used to multitasking and fast decisions. I never thought I could meditate. This podcast has given me a whole new view of what meditation is and changed so much. Well done worth the listen.”

–  iTunes comment by ExecNoMore